We would like to inform you about the possibilities of playing tennis at our park.

Over the winter (from 30th September 2019 till 6th March 2020) everyone can buy a Autumn/Winter pass from the park to play tennis. In this season clubs are not active.

1Day card : € 90,-.
(Monday until Friday from 9.00 hrs until 15.30 hrs)

2Day and Weekend : € 105,- 
(Monday until Friday from 9.00 hrs until 15.30 hrs and Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 hrs until sunset (max 17.00 hrs).)

3All in: € 140,- 
(Monday until Friday from 9.00 hrs until 22.15 hrs and Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 hrs until sunset (max 17.00 hrs).)

4Off Peak: € 85,-
Monday until Friday from 9.00 hrs until 15.30 hrs

Purchasing a Winter Pass entitles you to a discount on winter lessons.

Click here to order winter passes.

Junior Park Pass
On Tennispark Overdam we do have a large Kids club playing tennis. Junior members who are enrolled in tennis lessons at Tennispark Overdam receive a complimentary Park Pass. This Park Pass entitles you to use the courts for the entire autumn/winter season (October till March), from Monday till Friday from 15.45 to 18.00 hrs and Wednesday from 13.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Junior Weekend Pass
During the winter season, juniors enrolled in tennis lessons may purchase a Junior Weekend Pass. This pass entitles you to use any vacant court during weekends. Junior Weekend Passes cost € 27,50.

If you would like to play with someone who is not a club member and does not have a Junior Weekend Pass or valid Autumn/Winter Pass, your guest needs to buy a morning/afternoon guest pass.


In summer 3 clubs and a large Kids club play tennis on our park. During the summer period (from 9th March till 30th of August 2020) you need to become a member of one of the clubs to play tennis. If you have any questions regarding these clubs, please click "Verenigingen" (in Dutch) or do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally the possibility exists to hire a private course. This is possible during the week, evenings and in weekends.

Weekend pass Adults
No time to play tennis on weekdays, but you do want to enjoy some sports in the weekend? Then order a weekend pass, and come join us for a game of tennis on Saturdays and Sundays. A weekend pass is € 99,-.
To register please send an e-mail to

Children who have tennis lessons in the summer period are allowed to play tennis leisurely. To this end they will receive a park pass, which allows them to play tennis over the summer from Monday till Friday from 15.45hrs until 18.15hrs (Wednesday from 13.00hrs).
If kids want to play in the weekends as well, you order a Weekend pass for only € 32,50.